S / 4 HANA- Smooth Transformation

S / 4 HANA- Smooth

Efficient, simple to use and in real time – S / 4 HANA is SAP’s answer to the challenges of conversionseveral SAP customers square measure already actively concerned in migrating their systems to the newest customary.

But: the primary step is troublesome. Still lacking sensible expertise, example comes or tangible facts. At the start, this raises basic queries that have got to be answered. in order that you’re feeling assured in your decision:

“What advantage will S / 4 HANA provide me?”
• “What happens to my Z programs ?”
• “Which migration path ought to I choose?”

On our own S / 4 HANA Retail for Merchandise Management System, we tend to need to rock bottom of those querieswe tend to decide you up from wherever you stand and guide you step by tread your thanks to the digital future. For this purpose, we’ve got developed a 4- stage transformation methodology that has already tested itself in sensible implementation.

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1. Discover:

In our workshop, you get all the necessities info concerning S / four HANA compact in sooner or later.

2. Analysis:

Based on the SAP Simplification List, we tend to conjointly develop the core processes of your retail system. you may get an outline of all relevant changes and innovations with S / four HANA.

3. Validate:

In proof of construct, we tend to check your concrete necessitiesyou may receive associate degree implementation project arrange, yet as associate degree estimate of effort and prices.

4. Realize:

Implementation of the project in step with the developed roadmap.
Practical expertise rather than abstract theory
We did the check for you – during a concrete and clear way:
At our own S / four HANA Retail for Merchandise Management System, we’ve got mapped your commerce processes for you. thus you’ll be able to already persuade yourself of S / four HANA. allow us to demonstrate the advantages and useful variations between S / four HANA and SAP Retail ERP exploitation our demo system.

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Your edges at a glance:

• Specifically: we’ve got started the complete method chain on S / four HANA in Customizing – from programing to inventory management to sales orders.
• Illustrative: we’ll demonstrate associate degree example method supported our preconfigured system.
• Consolidated: The SAP simplification list for the innovations in S / four HANA is long. we’ll show you which one’s changes have a concrete result on your processes.

We square measure happy to share the expertise we’ve got gained with our own S / four HANA system. take pleasure in the superimposed worth.

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